Saturday, February 12, 2011

iar 202. jenga 2.0.

Jenga 2.0 required us to further develop just one of the three spaces we designed in Jenga 1.0. We were required to add another level (either below or above the existing level) that comprised only 50 percent of the area of the original space. In doing so, we could revise our original design if needed. The space chosen for me (by Patrick and Claire) was the "idea room" - the one that focused on the crystallization of an idea.

The text on the second board reads:

"These two spaces (which function as one whole) are all about circulation and how it can symbolize the formation - or crystallization - of an idea. One enters from the smaller, lower level and begins a journey as one's path travels upwards and spirals inwards toward the center of the larger space above. A kitchen area and a workspace are located on the lower level. Carved into the solid that forms the "spiraling" platform in the upper level are a bathtub, a toilet, and a sink. An alcove on one side of the solid provides a private space for sleeping.

A tall, cylindrical platform in the center of the space marks the final destination and symbolizes the complete crystallization of the idea. It is essentially a place for rest and meditation. Its circular shape contrasts with the square elements of the room, thus setting it apart as a unique feature. The staircases and platforms in the spaces are made of DuPont Corian acrylic.

Lighting, provided by recessed lights in the ceiling, is minimal in the lower level but increases as one travels inwards toward the center of the upper level. The largest of the lights is located directly above the cylindrical platform."

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