Saturday, February 12, 2011

iar 202. jenga 2.0 reflection.

Yesterday morning in studio we had a "silent" critique of Jenga 2.0. We were not allowed to say anything about our own work, but were to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each other's work.

As a group, I think we did a great job on this project. I am always impressed by my classmates. I was a little bit surprised about the positive critique of my work, I suppose because only I notice all the little mistakes…

My decent time management paid off this time, and just in time. The things I need to work on relate mostly to board layout. The text should be integrated more fluidly with the images on the boards, and there needs to be some more visual contrast and depth. For both Jenga 1.0 and 2.0, I didn't focus very much on color, partly because I wanted to focus mostly on form. However, I think my project - and my boards - could have been more interesting with little bits of color here and there. I did include a dark orange hue for a few parts of my boards, but printed in black and white (cheaper at Kinko's). So that was kind of useless.

Indeed, it seems that board layout is what we as a class need to work more on. It should be said, however, that our board layouts would inevitably improve if we had more time for each project…

I am looking forward to the group project we have just embarked on. I've been stuck with just my own ideas for a little too long.

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