Monday, October 17, 2011

iar301. assignment 2.0 - schematic design.

For studio assignment 2, each of us in Travis's studio designed a Solar Decathlon-style house based on a personal analysis of the way we live within our own dwellings.

My design was grounded by several basic ideas:
-being sheltered/surrounded by nature
-the articulation of corners
-public and private separation

Inspiration came from nature in general (specifically, dense foliage and greenery) and the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, although not initially. Rather, my design had already progressed quite a bit before I realized how it related to any design precedents.

Some process work:

The design:

public entrance

private entrance


Physical scale model:

iar301. assignment 1.0 - analysis.

This semester, Travis's IAR 301 studio has been focusing on the Solar Decathlon, a zero energy residential design competition held every two years. This year, the competition took place on part of the national lawn in Washington, DC, where each house was constructed on site from modular parts traveling in from all over the world.
From the beginning, each student in our class was assigned a different team's design to analyze through research and the production of two- and three-dimensional diagrams. During the weekend of September 30th-October 2nd, our class traveled to Washington, DC and toured the houses firsthand.
Below is my personal analysis of the Living Light house, designed by the University of Tennessee.

(construction documents borrowed from