Tuesday, February 1, 2011

iar 202. jenga 1.0 - peer review for Jasmine

Jasmine's concept word was "clockwork," and she did a good job of abstracting this word in order to design three different spaces. In examining these spaces, I have included images of her hand-drawn floor plans because, of all her drawings, they seem to communicate best.

space no. 1:

For the 11' x 32'4" space, Jasmine focused on the idea of rhythm. The space has an axial plan, and she used her kit of parts - two columns and a wall - to communicate a regularity in the space, suggesting a rhythm.



space no. 2:

Jasmine's 22' square space is all about the precision of clockwork. Just as a clock ticks evenly, the room has an "even" and balanced feeling. Jasmine explains it: "In this 22x22 space not only is the space with in itself even the rooms are also equally subdivided. Clocks tend to move at equal intervals and the space also plays of the idiom "like clockwork". The kit in this space was two walls one column. The column can be used as a light to tell time lighting up in twelve section (1 light= 1 hour). The two wall start at 3 and 9 and turn like the hand of a clock to face 12 and 6."



space no. 3:

For the 22' x 32'4" space, Jasmine focused on the movement of clockwork. She used two solids to evoke the idea of gears without being too literal. To bolster the idea of movement, Jasmine included a movable table in her design. She explains, "There are also level changes in the space to signify the interworkings of a clock a different points."


Like Abigail, Jasmine did a good job of presenting her project despite having stayed up all night. Her concept was clear throughout.

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