Monday, April 25, 2011

iar 202. jenga 7.0.

For Jenga 7.0, our team Trepide merged with team Emerge to form Portmanteau. Our combined efforts resulted in a 16-story structure with a focus on the intersection of horizontals and verticals.

Physical models (photos courtesy of Kelly Harris):

gestural model of entire structure

detail model of first atrium space

miniature model of chair design; detail model of joinery method

Each of us also revisited our individual units, picking up from where we left off after Jenga 2.0.


final board

zoomed-in plan rendering

rendered elevation

window treatment


Individual essay:

Portmanteau's building complex celebrates the joinery of opposites, seen clearly through the juxtaposition of solid and void, horizontal and vertical. Diaphanous expanses of glass contrast tastefully with heavy, structural masses, creating a pleasant balance. Likewise, strong horizontal and vertical elements create a harmonious and visually engaging intersection of lines. Eames furniture and textiles emphasize warmth and human scale.

The "crystallization of an idea" unit is conceptual as well as functional, abstracting key concepts from the larger structure yet existing as a unique, livable entity. Simplicity of form and line unites it with its immediate surroundings, while a unique arrangement of elements sets it apart. The designer has placed particular emphasis on circulation as a symbol of and vehicle for intellectual journeying. In contrast to the horizontal elements of the unit, a strong upward focus leads the occupant toward a pinnacle moment on the upper floor, relating through form to the pronounced verticality of the larger structure. The etched pattern in various glass elements echos this verticality. To demonstrate a sense of gradual dematerialization within the unit, the designer has chosen to explore directional focus, physical light, and gradation of glass transparency. As one ascends, there is an increase in the amount of natural and artificial light.

Hardwood flooring is present in both levels of the unit, as are Eames DSR molded plastic chairs. In the upper level, the Eames circle textile, celebrated in the public spaces of the complex, appears on two separate cushions. Contrasting materials reflect the idea of contrast in the building as a whole; the warm wood tones and relaxed fabric pattern balance the starkness of the corian. Solid masses are joined to translucent or transparent sheets of glass.

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