Tuesday, January 11, 2011

iar 202. wi1.

In Monday morning's studio, we were first instructed to write down some goals for the semester. Thus, I hope to…

…develop a better understanding of how people move, behave, and interact within interior spaces, which will improve my designs in a practical way…

…develop better time management skills to reduce stress and improve the quality of my work…

…have more confidence in my work as I develop a more professional outlook on interior architecture and design in general…

…integrate the principles and elements of design more fully into my work and my descriptions of it…

…develop a clearer identity of my unique design style (do I have one yet?)…

We were also asked to write down some of our design strengths. This is the list I compiled for myself:

- detail-oriented

- good at communicating with words (writing and grammar)

- perfectionistic (a strength and a flaw at the same time)

- decent drawer

- careful with craft

To this list describing my strengths, Cassandra and Kelly added:

- able to produce thorough design layouts to communicate to an audience

- good at defending ideas

- produces clean work

The change style indicator exercise categorized me as a "conserver," borderline "pragmatist." This seems fairly accurate, but is not exactly what I wanted the result to be. I tend to be a bit rigid in my approach to problems and projects, but I have a strong desire to generate explosions of creativity!

Throughout my life, my brain has not been able to decide whether it wants to be "left-brained" or "right-brained," a fact which resulted in some identity frustration. As a kid, I always loved to draw, but during my later teenage years, I went through a very "left-brained" stage in which I nearly abandoned artistic pursuits. I credit the Interior Architecture program with the re-awakening of my artistic side. I chose this program because of a nearly life-long interest in designing and decorating spaces, but I wasn't quite sure what I was getting into. As I move through the program, I understand more and more what Interior Architecture is about. I am interested mostly in the design of individual interior spaces as well as product design.

Learning new ways to "think outside of the box" is another fervent goal of mine. Being in this program has definitely helped to stimulate my mind, but I still have a long way to go.

In my designs and drawings, I would like to develop a unique and recognizable style. I hope to endow my future drawings with a slightly stylistic and whimsical quality without sacrificing necessary elements of realism. Nature has been and will continue to be a preferred influence.

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