Tuesday, January 18, 2011

iar 202. wi1 revisited.

In last Friday's studio class, we were asked to revisit our "design bios." So far this semester, my flow of ideas has been rather labored. However, I feel quite a bit more confident about this first assignment than I did the first few days after it was given to us (as is to be expected). Once the details of what is to be expected have been mentally digested, this tends to happen.

Unfortunately, it will be hard to work out a concrete schedule of what I plan to accomplish each day in the next week or so because I'm still working through the design. I've decided on how to approach my concept - crystallization - in three different ways (one for each space I am designing), but a lot of little details need to be worked out before I can do most of the work that is required for presentation. I don't have very good time management skills due to the fact that I'm so methodical in my design decision-making. I spend too much time thinking and not enough doing.

In my last post, I typed out a list of my original goals for the semester. While all these goals still hold true, I can now narrow down the list according to what seems most relevant at the moment. Right now, I am concerned with improving and speeding up the flow of my ideas. I am also planning to become more familiar with certain computer programs in a matter of days, as utilizing them will certainly save time. For my perspectives, I plan to render them with markers on tracing paper, a technique I've used for previous assignments and was very pleased with.

I believe that I am capable of more than I think I am; it is just a matter of pushing myself to that point.

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