Thursday, October 15, 2009

studio project 4: unity

Lots of bristol board.

First ideation - in shambles. I originally used rubber cement, which didn't hold well. The whole project fell apart.

Second & third ideations. I made the project a second time, but ran out of time to completely remake it a third time. The third time around, I simply remade the center triangles and changed the position of the skewers (I now regret the latter). Hot glue provided a better hold than did rubber cement. Crazy glue worked best for certain parts, but I accidently put too much on at one point and messed up the base a little bit. The skewers are also crooked because some of them were bowed.

Graphic. The project focuses on the number 3. The scattered words read: oneness, wholeness, harmony, converging, equilateral triangle, trinity, and equality.

The fact that the skewers (in the "final" ideation) are in groups of four is bothersome to me. I feel that my original placement of skewers was more in line with the theme. (On each of the three center triangles, there are three skewers grouped close together and one set further apart. Thus there are three obvious groups of three, and the remaining three - which are set apart - can be thought to form a fourth group of three.)


Front/side elevations, although there is technically no front. The project has three sides and is designed to look identical on each side.

Perspective view & detail of the skewers on the folded bristol board.

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