Thursday, October 29, 2009

studio project 5: dialog

Sketchbook ideas.
Graphic. The concept of body and soul.
The poem fragment reads:
"The Spirit lurks within the Flesh
Like tides within the Sea
That make the Water live, estranged
What would the Either be?"
-Emily Dickinson
I boiled 12-inch skewers and let them dry in a curved position.
(I can't remember which ideation these were for....)
Always make extra, because you just never know.
First ideation.
Second ideation.
Third ideation.
Fourth ideation: I only made the base again and reused the skewers from the second ideation, because they had a nicer curved shape.
Front elevation.
Right side elevation.
Section elevation.


Project 5: Analysis of classmates' work

Ebony’s project and Cassie’s project are similar in that they both position a larger space above a smaller space. Space is enclosed within.
Ebony’s concept was big versus small, while Cassie’s emphasizes negative space, clean lines, and repetitive pattern.

In each project, the two spaces are similarly shaped – the smaller mimicking the larger, with the same number of sides. Skewers are placed only at the corners and are pierced into a square base.

Ebony’s spaces are hexagonally shaped (6 sides each). Cassie’s spaces are six-pointed stars (12 sides each). There is a greater difference in size between the two spaces in Ebony’s project than in Cassie’s project. In Ebony’s project, the two shapes are oriented in the same position, while in Cassie’s project, the smaller shape is rotated in relation to the larger. In Ebony’s project, the smaller space sits on the base and there is a gap between the two spaces from a side view. In Cassie’s project, the smaller space is elevated slightly above the base and there is no gap between the two spaces from a side view, which makes them appear more connected. In Ebony’s project, the skewers are integrated only into the larger space and are doubled up in the corners. In Cassie’s project, the skewers are integrated into both spaces. Ebony’s base is thicker.

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