Thursday, February 18, 2010

moments of light

First ideation:
Second ideation:

I can't say where my inspiration for this project came from. I have no precedent picture to show. The idea to use straws just popped into my head. I poked numerous holes in the cardboard with a nail; some of them I filled with straws, others I did not. These two aspects create two moments of light.

I actually prefer the shape of my first ideation. It seems more organic and interesting. But my use of straws is definitely stronger in the second ideation.

The cardboard we were given to use for this project did not fill the entire window. The overlapping of cardboard in the second ideation was a way to remedy this without simply creating a border. Each cutout is from a separate piece of cardboard. The way the cardboard is cut and overlapped mimics the pattern of light, only it flows in a different direction.

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