Sunday, September 6, 2009

sketchbook assignment 1

This is my favorite object of the five I chose to draw for this assignment. It's a jester's hat I bought at a Halloween store a few years back. The second image is a blind contour drawing of the same object. I actually didn't care for any of the other drawings; this is the only one I consider decent enough to put online (well... besides the blind contour part).
Blind contour drawing is not something I enjoy doing a lot of. It can be entertaining (my friends and I would actually do something similar when we were kids), but it gets tiring because I feel that by doing it I'm not improving any skills. Of course, I'm probably wrong.
I'm still a little frustrated about drawing with pen. I took drawing lessons for years as a kid and was always taught to draw with pencil, which means sketching rough outlines before adding detail. If I can't sketch outlines or erase my mistakes, I can't get proportions right.

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