Wednesday, August 26, 2009

first blog assignment

So, I looked through all the blog examples listed on the class handout, as well as a few others, and it's tough to pick a favorite. It's hard to decide between amazing realism and deplays of unbridled, random creativity. While the more whimsical blogs draw my attention, I was probably most impressed with This blog focuses on realistic, detailed drawings rather than abstract ones. Although I enjoy the latter, the former always impresses me. The artist of said blog sketches a lot of mundane objects and faces, using pencils or pens. Sometimes color is added. I really like how her sketches present everyday objects from a unique perspective, giving them a stark and powerful quality. The faces she draws really capture a lot of character. In addition, the text is brief and to the point, yet personal.

If I had the time to browse sketchblogs for hours, I know I would find many more favorites. I would also become increasingly envious.

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