Tuesday, March 15, 2011

iar 202. 4+4=8 charrette.

This past Monday's studio class - the first day back after spring break - presented our team Evolution (Cassie, Kelly, and me) with the challenge of two charrettes. In each charrette, we were to collaborate with another team of three to merge our group's building design with theirs, resulting in an eight story structure. The deliverables required were as follows:

[1] A statement of approach discussing how both projects would come together under a conceptual framework that accounts for materiality and the readings we have completed

[2] Concept sketches: one overall exterior, one perspective of a public space, and one detail

[3] Diagrams illustrating circulation, systems, and design language

We were only given one hour for each charrette. Based on what we were able to produce, Patrick and Claire will decide which two teams should be paired up for the upcoming Jenga 5.0.

The first team we collaborated with was Caravaggio, consisting of Dajana, Blakeni, and Sharon. We were fortunate in that our designs were somewhat similar and our concepts blended well. Cassie and Sharon took care of the written statement, Kelly and Blakeni produced the concept sketches, and Dajana and I worked on diagramming. Being that our concepts were similar, it felt very natural to discuss and devise diagrams with Dajana. We were able to work quickly and efficiently as we documented the ideas of openness, accessibility, flow, circulation, alternation through materiality, verticality merging with horizontality, moments of enclosure, and a progression toward lightness. Upon finishing the charrette, it seems that we all had a sense that our two teams should be chosen to work together for the next assignment.

The second charrette paired us with team Interlocking, consisting of Brian, Jamaan, and Audra. Unfortunately, Audra wasn't in class that day, so we had one less person to help put ideas together and produce coherent deliverables. Nonetheless, we were able to complete our work. Kelly and Brian tackled the concept sketches, Cassie and Jamaan diagrammed, and I attempted to pull everything together into a written statement based on what I could observe. Although I do not have my finished statement on hand, here is what I am able to post based on a rough draft:

"The design language implemented by Evolution and Interlocking is about the stacking and interlocking of ideas. Also, a sense of anticipation guides circulation through the use of wrap-around patios, which also serve to unify the levels. Circulation is essential to both of our previous designs and is dictated by the use of systems.

For our materials, we have chosen a richly-colored concrete for the building facades and a polished concrete for the first seven floors. Wooden details would add richness. All columns would be wooden and the eighth floor would incorporate wooden walkways."

Although I feel that it would be easy and enjoyable to work with team Interlocking, I admit that our team's design and concepts didn't merge as well with theirs as they did with team Caravaggio's. In the end, the outcome is up to Patrick and Claire.